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CHOA Volunteers, Parents and Others

"As a youth volunteer for Caring Hearts of America over the summer, I've enjoyed the experience that I had when I volunteered and was blessed to have the opportunity to do so. The journey I've endured throughout my service with the organization was very eye opening and humbling. I've truly worked toward developing relationships with the young children as they have had a tremendous impact on my life as I hope I have theirs. Seeing the smile on the kids faces showed me that I can make a difference in my city or community. Serving on Caring Hearts was one of the best things I could have ever done for my life. It was truly a blessing to be a part of this amazing group of people."

"My name is Rony. I am a sophomore at South Mecklenburg High School. I have been volunteering with Caring Hearts of America since my freshman year. I have had the privilege to work at the Carolina Panthers games with Caring Hearts of America. I have learned so much during my time with the organization.


Caring Hearts of America has given me experience in customer service, leadership,and being a server. My skills with working with others have grown tremendously. I am more responsible, nicer, and a team player. Caring Hearts of America is preparing me for the workforce."

"Caring Hearts of America is a great organization. I have been volunteering hear since I was in the 9th grade. I am in the 11th grade now. While working with this program they have given kids a chance to a least have one meal a day. I have also learned to value the meals I get at home because not everyone is as fortunate as I am. Caring Hearts try hard not to let food go to waste by taking the left over to homeless shelters.


I love working with these group of people that give those less fortunate a more positive outlook. With that being said, I love working for for this amazing organization, always putting others before themselves."

"I would like to thank the afterschool program and CHOA for their great feeding program. This helps me a lot to know my kids are receiving a nutritious meal in a safe environment. Thank you CHOA and Tasha for helping fight childhood hunger!"

"Being a single mother of four. Caring Hearts of America really helps me. My kids enjoy the food and Ms. Tosha is great! My kid’s first stop is the center. I love the variety of foods they have. Thank you Caring Hearts of America and Ms. Tosha!"

"The Pine Valley families are truly blessed to have Caring Hearts of America’s wonderful feeding programs. My three grandchildren attend the feeding program every day after school. They love the nutritional kids friendly meals. They often ask for seconds and come home and tell me how much they enjoyed their meal.


This program is a God send to the picky kids that don’t really enjoy the school meals. We are very grateful for Caring Hearts of America!"

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