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CHOA Partners/Community Centers

"Anita Stroud is proud to partner with Caring Hearts of America (CHOA). Caring Hearts of America mission is to “ensure our children receive nutritious meals all year round.” 


Serving families in the Anita Stroud After-School CHOA increases public awareness of the importance of nutrition to health and wellness in the overall community. The menus given provide a variety of foods that are nutritious and are liked by the children in the program. Presentation is a very important part of the dining experience, because we eat with our eyes first. The food is prepared neatly on the plates in a colorful arrangement .


The CHOA staff, Mr. Lamar and Tina Douglas are excellent role models for the children and families served. They are a wonderful example of an Afro-American couple working together. They help promote correct etiquette by insisting the students use correct manners, “Good Afternoon, Please, Thank-You and Excuse Me!” Their gentle but firm manner encourages children to eat the variety of nutritious foods provided by the program. Mr. Lamar mentors individual students as needed and has conducted informal sessions to help students get along with each other. Both Mr. & Mrs. Douglas are valuable additions to the Anita Stroud Program. Please do not change their placement. The children and staff need them.


The Anita Stroud After-School Program expresses sympathy for the loss of Ms. Louise. She was a wonderful, soft spoken person who loved the kids and we loved her.


Thank you for all Caring Hearts of America does for the community!"

"On behalf of the J. Ray Shute Center, and all of the children that attend your wonderful CHOA meals program, we would like to say thank you for caring.


One of my friends, Celesta S. Miller told me, [...always try to make a difference each day, so that over a course of a year you would have made 365 differences!]. 


CHOA and your wonderful staff is reaching out and making a difference in the lives of children here in Monroe, Union County. The children love the food and they look forward to their meals. 


I have worked at the J. Ray Shute Center since 1993 and my heart has been broken a thousand times over because a child came to me and told me they were hungry. I did not have anything to give them, so they continued crying because they were hungry. Today it is a JOY to hear children when they walk in the door and ask [...will we have some food coming today?]. One little girl, Amiya, a ten year old, let us know that she only missed the food because she was grounded.   Terrence a seventeen year old high school student especially love your spaghetti. Justice, a seven year old, love your yellow rice and greens, she said [...they are so good!]. Cyniah loves the oranges, she always ask for seconds. 


You are making a difference in the lives of elementary, middle and high school students. Thank you again!"


"On behalf of New Creations Youth Development Program, I would like to thank Caring Hearts of America for the outstanding food programs that they provide for our children. The quality and professionalism in the service they bring is far beyond our expectations.


We are truly blessed to have the delicious and nutritious meals all year round. We appreciated Caring Hearts of America for tackling child hunger in our great state of North Carolina!


Thank you, thank you, and thank you Caring Hearts of America"

"Caring Hearts of America has sponsored a free feeding program to our community children for three consecutive years. Each day, our children get off the school bus and literally run into the community center, where a delicious hot meal awaits their hungry little bellies.


We are eternally grateful to Caring Hearts of America for providing these meals, which our children so eagerly look forward to each and every day. Without these daily hot meals we are sure some children would not get the nutrition needed and would go to bed hungry, and that breaks our heart.


Thank you so much Caring Hearts of America!


We pray that God will continue to bless your organization to continue providing this much needed community service, not only for our Pine Valley community, but for other hungry children throughout America!"


"On behalf of Sutton Park Recreation Center, I would like to say thank you for all that you guys have done!


It has been an amazing experience working with Ms. Toni  and Ms. Psheila. They have done an outstanding job not only did they serve the kids but they have also built a special relationship with Sutton Park. The kids look forward to seeing them not just for the food, but to speak with them.

CHOA has made an impact on the lives of the youth, community, and myself as well. We look forward to seeing you here, and now that the community has embraced you as family we want to keep this relationship going.


Once again, "thank you" CHOA for all that you do, we truly appreciate it!"

"I am the the center supervisor here at the Winchester Center in Monroe, North Carolina and would like to thank Caring Hearts of America for all that they do for the children in the Winchester community.


The children have really been enjoying the hot meals that have been served here daily! Some of the children eat here every day, and look forward to the hot meal.


You all have helped stop hunger in this community, and I want to say thank you!"

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